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Easy-to-use web based apps for communication, grade book and learning.

Our CCE Pack makes a teacher’s life easy.

Are you managing CCE with Excel files? Are you manually calculating weighted averages and grades? Are you staying back in school to enter marks and grades? Do you manually write out descriptive indicators? It is time to upgrade to Knewclues's CCE pack and save time and hassles. Teachers can now finally focus on teaching.

CCE Pack®

For CBSE Schools

For easy CCE Implementation.

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Improve parent satisfaction and teacher efficiency with our Premium Pack.

Are you still sending circulars on paper? Are you printing multi page gradebooks? Are your teachers manually entering marks and grades? Upgrade to our Premium pack and you can now be a paperless school.


Manage & Learn

Versatile grade book
& quiz tools.

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Manage your school’s communication. Give parents access to their own portal.

Upload notice board announcements, assignments, send fee reminders, upload lesson plans and many more


Parent Satisfaction

Collaborate for happy stake holders.

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Train your teachers on CCE compliance.

Our 360 degree training will make your teachers well versed in recording anectodatal records, rubrics etc.


Train to Lead

360° Training in CCE Implementation

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Most pedagogical studies show that learning improves when teachers, students and parents collaborate with each other.

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Most schools ignore parent satisfaction! Is your school one of them?

Research has shown that schools do not communicate adequately with parents and students. As a result parents are left out of the academic development of a child. This runs contrary to pedagogical wisdom that parent involvement improves the academic development of a child. A “good” school needs to involve all stakeholders.

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Manage Information

Communicate and Collaborate

Communicate: Everyday schools collect a lot of information. However, most schools do not have a proper information dissemination system. Knewcleus's proprietary technology solves this problem through a unified messaging center. Now Educators at all levels, from administrators to teachers, can communicate directly with students and parents via three options:

1. Private message 2. Email 3. SMS

All it needs is one click. Making it simple and easy-to-use.

Collaborate: One of the key skills needed to succeed in the 21st century work place is collaboration. Everywhere in the world, be it private or corporate life, people today use collaborative platforms.

Yet there is no true collaborative platform for schools. This is the gap that Knewcleus fills.

Knewcleus is a collaborative platform that connects parents, students and teachers through a student information system.

With the help of the Knewcleus platform, teachers and parents can now collaborate to develop the educational needs of children. Students can collaborate with each other and create peer-to-peer help lines. Children love to share and help. Knewcleus now provides them an opportunity to do that.


Admission Module

With the help of Knewcleus managing student information now becomes very easy. The software manages records in a way that allows parents to have independent logins and they can update contact data on their own. This means that maintaining accurate contact data is no longer just the school’s responsibility but can be shared with the parents’.

Accounts can be added one at a time or in bulk via an Excel worksheet file. A school with over 1000 students can be set up in minutes.


Communication Module

Knewcleus provides Unified Communications, which makes reaching a parent, student or teacher a breeze. In just one click, you can send an email, post a message or send an SMS.

Our communication module allows schools to let every teacher communicate directly with parents and other teachers.

At the same time schools can set controls, choosing which teachers can communicate directly.


News and Announcement

Notice board and circulars no longer need to be on paper. We have extensive options including the ability to post multimedia. By cutting down on paper use schools become environment friendly. This way schools can save a lot more than they spend on Knewcleus.

Messages can be broadcast from anywhere. In an emergency the principal can send a message from a computer anywhere.


Attendance Module

Integrated with mobile and email. An alert is automatically sent to parents when a child is marked absent. You could record half days, un excused absence and many more. The attendance record incorporates a leave management system too. Parents can now apply for leave online. Attendance percentages are automatically linked to the Grade book.


Almanac Module

Covering school events, uploading policy documents, managing fees etc is easy and simple. Administrators can now upload pictures, announce events and holidays. Sending reminders to parents for fees, events and many other school activities is as easy as clicking a button.


Assignment and quizzes

Say Goodbye to correcting papers manually.

Teachers can send lesson plans, homework and assignments via a unique assignment system. Students can login into their accounts and can download instructions and upload completed assignments. Even more we have a quiz creation system where teachers can create multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks and free form questionnaires.

These can be used for test prep or understanding learning deficiencies of a student. Teachers can also link tests to grade books automatically.


Health records and other activities

Schools can maintain health records online. These can be integrated with the grade book if necessary. Apart for this all physical activities can also be recorded and translated into grades using our flexible grade book.

The Digital Environment

“The bottom line is that children today are fundamentally different from previous generations in the way they think, in the way they access, absorb, interpret, process and use information, and above all in the way they view, interact, and communicate in, and with, the modern world. And this holds profound implications for us both personally as parents and professionally as Educators”

– Ian Jukes, Educational Evangelist and Director of the InfoSavvy Group

From laptops and cell phones to MP3 players and the Nintendo Wii, students today live in a technology driven world where information and ideas are constantly evolving. Through social utilities like Facebook and Twitter, the 21st century student is constantly plugged into the world around him or her and is a skilled multi-tasker when it comes to managing instant communication within an ever-expanding social network.

Whether you are an educator, parent, student or administrator you need to understand the preferences of these users and consistently find new ways to engage students in the learning process in and outside of the classroom.

Knewcleus is born out this belief. Inspired with inputs from students and parents. The Knewcleus platform addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

The difference between data and actionable information

Educational institutions today have very rudimentary forms of Information Systems. They merely throw data at parents, teachers and students. It is left to the parents and teachers to make sense of this. Contrast this with the Knewcleus approach. Let us take the following example from a real life situation.


Class teacher notices that Shyam inattentive in Maths class everyday.


She is concerned and logs into her Knewcleus account and sends a confidential and private message to both parents. An eMail and SMS, highlighting the issue, immediately reaches the parents.


The anxious parents login into the Knewcleus system and in one click can reach out to the maths teacher and get further clarifications


Using the Knewcleus SnapShot® proprietary gradebook they notice that Shyam's Maths grades are indeed falling.


The teacher recommends additional resources and motivation on fundamentals of algebra. These resources are available in the Knewcleus IntelliResource® section.


Both parents and teacher then chalk out a special routine for Shyam.

Shyam's problems are now handled in real time, in private with a personal touch. Now contrast this with the current method of just putting the end of term report card online and then meeting once in 6 months in a very rushed and not very private PTA. There is simply no time left to course correct.

“The Knewcleus Dashboard”

CCE Compliant Report Card

CCE Complaint Report

“The Knewcleus SnapShot® GradeBook”

— Knewcleus SnapShot as the name suggests is designed to present parents, students and teachers a snap shot of student’s marks and grades. It shows reports in real time. Contrast that with just term based reporting that most other gradebooks handle. Real time information helps in remedial action.

— It can handle complex co-scholastic descriptive indicators, simple marks and can even help teachers note disciplinary and commendable action reports. Coupled with the rest of the features of Knewcleus the SnapShot can record evidences of behaviour which can help form grades in co-scholastic areas.

— A drill-down matrix can expand grades right down to the smallest unit test level marks.

The Knewcleus SnapShot® GradeBook

The Knewcleus SnapShot® Report Card - Coscholastic Module

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